Sebastian Meier

Sebastian Meier graduated from the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences in Communication Design (Diploma) and holds a MA degree in Interface Design from the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences. His work is strongly interconnecting technology, design and its use by society. He is interested in the way people use visualizations in regards to knowledge synthesis and the effects of new interfaces and mass data visualizations on society and culture. In the past, he has been working as a researcher as well as a design and technology lead for various companies. Since 2009 he is a lecturer at universities in the field of generative design and data visualization. Since 2011 he is an associate with the Interaction Design Lab at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences. In early 2014 he joined the DFG postgraduate programme 1539 on visibility and visualization as a fellow to work on his PhD in the field of geovisualization.


2014 CGI & GIS, Bulgaria HeatTile, a new method for Heatmap implementations for mobile webbased cartographic applications. Article
2014 ICCSA, Portugal Too many markers, revisited. Article
2014 Mobile HCI, Canada A Comparison of Location Search UI Patterns on Mobile Devices.
2014 Human & Computer, Germany Using cultural probes to gather intercultural user requirements
2012 WCI, Germany Location based Service Framework. Article
2011 Zeit-Online, Germany Facebook — The role of the user in terms of privacy. Article
2009 Interfaces, UK Location based Applications (LBA). Article


2014 ICSU – „Futureearth“, Coma Lake, Italy Visualization & Science Communication
2014 Geomatik, Hamburg, Germany Qualitative Methods & GIS
2013, Berlin, Germany Every Visualization tells a story
2012 XIB Congreso Colombiano de Geologia, Bogota, Columbia Beautiful and engaging visualizations with spatial data in risk related environments
2012 DGTF – Design PhD, Hildesheim, Germany Innovation Diffusion Models
2012 The Future of Typography, Düsseldorf, Germany The history of Webtypography
2011 Typo Conference 2011, Berlin, Germany The future of News, News in the digital era

Scholarships & Prices

2014 DFG PhD Scholarship 3-year Scholarship
2011 Young Scientist Award Brandenburg, Germany MA-Thesis, Finalist
2010 Core77 Student Award Geobased Literature Research, Multitouch Application, Winner

Work Experience

2012 – 2014 University for Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany Assistant Professor & Senior Researcher
2011 – 2012 IxDS, Berlin, Germany Project- & Design-Lead
2008 – Now Freelancing Design, Development & Consultancy
2008 University for Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, Germany Web-Design & -Development
2007 Tonic Vision Ltd., London, UK Web-Design & – Development
2005 – 2007 Three-2-One, Krefeld, Germany Web-Design & -Development


2014 – Now University Potsdam, Germany Geoinformatics, PhD„Context- and Locationbased Geovisualizations“
2009 – 2011 University for Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany Interface Design, MA„The future of news — news in the digital era“
2005 – 2009 University for Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, Germany Communication Design, Diploma„Communication Strategies of Academic Institutions on the web“

Teaching Experience

2014 Teaching Certificate (SQB) 1 of 3
2012 – 2014 University for Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany Geo- and Datavisualization (Processing & Webbased)
2009 – 2011 University for Applied Sciences Trier, Germany Generative Design & Data Visualization (Processing)
2009 University for Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, Germany Interactive Systems (Flash)